So I started writing this article mid March when I went to the doc and she said – “Whelp – looks like you got pneumonia!” I started taking the meds and thought I was done…..5 months later – and I’m still in recovery. But – I decided to finish the article. Take 32…..

There is all sorts of adrenaline pumping prior to Nashville Market and then while you are there. The excitement of getting things ready, the excitement of meeting shop owners, the high of selling product and making new connections. Of course, there is the adrenaline drain after market – and that’s where this story begins.

We had intended to make it back to Columbus from Nashville in one day. Packed up with the help of the great staff at the Embassy Hotel in Cool Springs and headed on down the road. We stopped for lunch/early dinner around 3 pm in Louisville, KY and as we sat there, staring at each other, glassy eyed, we decided that sleep was more important than making it back in one day. So – Google to the rescue and Holiday Inn Express was next on the agenda. Que the CPAP machine…..

So home we get _the next day_ and it’s all hustle and bustle to get the models out of the car, the paper work filed, etc. and I was still extremely tired. Naps were on the list. Long story short – my allergy to anything related to pine, juniper, conifers in general started to flare, partly due to pollen, partly due to the fact that the neighbor across the street was cutting down trees. Lots of them. And that allergy progressed to my lungs and then -wham- out for a month with pneumonia.(Edit – try month 5…..anyway, back to the story)

So – what has pneumonia taught me about digital marketing and cross stitch? I’ll start with cross stitch. First – self care. If you know you are allergic to something – even if you do not think you are going to be around it – take your allergy meds if you are going to a different place. Plan ahead so that you are not working up to the last minute on designs before market. (I know, I said “learned” not “practice.” In an ideal world, this works – but not necessarily when the design bug hits 3 weeks before the show!) Second – don’t try to stitch while you are on drugs that make you go to sleep. You’ll frog more than you’ll stitch!! Third – keep a pencil and paper with you. Some of those ideas you have while under the influence may be great design ideas!

Ok – now on to digital marketing thoughts. First – get some help. Even if you work alone – you know someone that knows you. let them help. You don’t really want to disappear while you are sick. You don’t have to give them all the hacks, but they should be familiar enough with your brand and how to post on instagram and facebook and they’ll help you. Second – back to number 2 above – don’t post when you are on drugs that make you go to sleep. You’ll come out with some weird posts. Third – don’t disappear. I did – and now the hard part is reconnecting with the folks I connected with at market.

It’s a learning curve – and trying to get over an extra ailment on top of the other chronic stuff is not fun – but the people in this industry are kind and generous. I love the people I have connected with as family over the years. I am blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the stitching industry!

What Pneumonia Teaches Us About Digital Marketing and Cross Stitch