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EJVDesigns is redesigning this web page. I'm in the process up updating my photographs of patterns and information about my other services.

EJVDesigns has a modern eclectic look to designs, ranging from fantasy sea creatures to themes on Easter to the newest, an antique reproduction. The winter spool kits make an easy and fast ornament. EJVDesigns also has written and marketed a Cross Stitch Mystery game for you to use with your customers. EJVDesigns will also work with you on your website and social media needs - the ultimate match of creative with geek!

Visit My Etsy Shop

Most of my cross stitch designs are available in my Etsy shop. A portion of all my Etsy sales go to my local needlework shop. If you would like a portion of your purchase to go to your local needlework shop, drop me a message with the shop name and address and I will send it there.

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The world spins fact.  And just when you think you have marketing figured out – the universe throws another cure ball at you and your mind is spinning again.  Let me help navigate you through both traditional and digital marketing, from printed newsletters, to websites, to whatever the universe throws next!

Event Planning

Retreats.  Neighborhood block parties.  Your mother’s 90th birthday party.  Need some ideas for an event?  Want someone to do it for you so that you can have one event where you can mingle with your guests instead of rushing around trying to make everything perfect?  I’m your girl!

Counted Thread Design

My design style is eclectic. I have traditional reproduction samplers as well as whimsical cartoon dinosaur baby samplers in my repertoire. All of my designs are available for wholesale purchase and a few of the older designs are available through Etsy directly to the customer. Shop owners - please contact me if you wish to open a wholesale account or book a trunk show.